SWIFT Code refers to the unique 8-11 alphanumeric characters that serve as the bank identifier ID which is use in transferring money to bank account worldwide. Swift Code powered by SWIFT (Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication). It is also known as BIC (Bank Identifier Code) in some local banks in the country.
Whenever you want to send money to your love ones in the Philippines or Abroad vice versa, you will be requiring to fill up the SWIFT code in money remittance application through wire transfer. Bank Tellers will not accept your application if you cannot provide the correct SWIFT Code of the your beneficiary’s bank.
Each bank is assigned with only one (1) 8 character SWIFT code. Then three numbers were added to their SWIFT code to assign it to their branches and representative offices.
As per my experience, being a former remittance employee in a large bank in Makati, I found out that some customers were not able to provide the correct SWIFT code, thus causing their money to be returned and not being successfully delivered to their beneficiary.
Since these codes are very important to know in order for you to send wire money transfer I hereby list the updated Philippine Bank SWIFT Codes Directory for your guidance.
Allied Banking Corporation – ABCMPHMM
Banco de Oro Universal Bank – BNORPHMM
Bank of China Manila Branch – BKCHPHMM
Bank of Commerce – PABIPHMM
Bank of the Philippine Islands – BOPIPHMM
China Banking Corporation – CHBKPHMM
Development Bank of the Phil. – DBPHPHMM
East West Banking Corporation – EWBCPHMM
Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank – HSBCPHMM
International Comm Bank of China – ICBCPHMM
Land Bank of the Philippines – TLBPPHMM
Maybank Philippines Incorporated – MBBEPHMM
Metropolitan Bank & Trust Co. – MBTCPHMM
Philippine Bank of Communications - CPHIPHMM
Philippine National Bank – PNBMPHMM
Philippine Veterans Bank – PHVBPHMM
Philtrust Bank – PHTBPHMM
Rizal Commercial Banking Corp – RCBCPHMM
Security Bank and Trust Corp – SETCPHMM
Standard Chartered Bank – SCBLPHMM
Union Bank of the Philippines – UBPHPHMM
United Coconut Planters Bank – UCPBPHMM
United Overseas Bank Philippines – UOVBPHMM


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