Christmas is fast approaching and yes you are right, its Christmas seasons once again and the BPI Express Credit Cards has their early Christmas gift for you.

Check this out, the BPI Express Credit Card Installment Madness is still running and the promo period is October 7-25, 2009 at Glorietta Activity Center in Makati City.

Just about every electronic shop will be participating and there are also a lot of store participants. Now if you want to find out if the store where you want to purchase the item from is included you just have to call BPI express phone and dial 89-100 or call the vendor themselves. Usually they have a poster in their stores saying bpi madness offers 3x credit limit.

Catch a lot of exciting promotions, discounts and freebies as well as 0% installment promo of BPI Express Credit Card in all participating merchants in the said BPI Installment Madness.

So what are you waiting for. Have an early shopping to avoid rush and very suitable for those who are planning for a tight budget this Christmas season.